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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

12:00PM EST

2K2 is a ministry training program designed to develop and prepare the next generation of church leaders.

This program serves as the primary method for joining the Elevation Church staff.

What does 2K2 mean?

2K2 stands for 2 Kings 2. This chapter describes the prophet Elijah transferring his ministry to his protégé, Elisha. Elisha was talented. He could have gone off and done his own thing. Instead, he chose to follow and learn from Elijah. When the time was right, he received his appointment and went on to do great things, “in the spirit of Elijah.”

Program Details

Program Length?

2K2 is a 22-week program. We have two semesters – January to June and July to December.

Are there different focus areas?

Yes. There are four different tracks – Campus Leadership, Worship, Creative, and Production.

Who will I be learning from?

You will spend time with our lead staff, campus pastors, worship leaders, and creative team.

Am I too young (or too old)?

We welcome all ages to apply; however the majority of our trainees are between the ages of 25-35.

Do I need to have a seminary degree?

No. A seminary degree may be a helpful tool for you as you learn how we do ministry, but it is not a requirement.

Do I need experience working at a church?

No. Having experience working in another ministry may be a benefit to you, but is not a requirement.

Can I work/go to school while in the program?

We recommend you set aside six months to fully immerse yourself in the program without other obligations. We do provide compensation to trainees to offset living expenses.

Will you help with my visa/immigration requirements?

We have previously had international trainees and we welcome all to apply. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you are legally able to be in the United States for the duration of the program.

Will my spouse be included in the program?

We desire that you and your spouse participate in this experience together. Therefore, your spouse is invited but not required to be part of the experience.


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