Administration & Events

  • Planning and executing events
  • Managing benefits data
  • Administrative work with systems and HR management
  • Provide support to office systems including front desk, staff facilities

Campus Support

  • Assist campus staff each weekend
  • Plan and coordinate campus & volunteer events
  • Work alongside Guest Services volunteers each weekend
  • Assess and improve current processes

Community Outreach

  • Plan and coordinate local community outreach events
  • Work alongside Outreach Partners & volunteers
  • Assist with identifying opportunities to serve
  • Logistical planning

eKidz (children up to 5th grade)

  • Serve in eKidz each weekend
  • Research learning activities for kids ministry
  • Coordinate purchasing of supplies
  • Assist with volunteer communication

eGroups (community/small groups)

  • Maintain database of eGroup Leaders
  • Coordinate eGroup events
  • Planning and scheduling eGroup communication
  • On campus recruiting for eGroups each weekend

eStudents (middle & high school)

  • Plan & coordinate student events for each campus
  • Identify & recruit students to participate in eGroups
  • Assist in planning the Student Summer event
  • Maintain database of leaders & students

Guest Services

  • Assist with all Guest Service responsibilities on campus
  • Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders & teams
  • Coordinate logistics for campus supplies & resources
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes

Production Team

  • Work with production volunteers and contract employees
  • Assist with back-stage production
  • Research materials for creative elements
  • Assist the on campus producer for each Worship Experience

Creative Team Assistant

  • Research creative elements used for the Worship Experience
  • Logistical planning for creative elements
  • Order series collateral, t-shirts, resource materials
  • Manage deadlines for projects requested in BaseCamp

Video/Film Team

  • Assist with managing/prioritizing video requests
  • Coordinate props & costumes for video shoots
  • Present ideas, participate in brain storming sessions
  • Help identify talent & locations for video shoots
  • Edit footage

Audio Engineer

  • Record audio for special engagements & meetings
  • Record audio for video shoots
  • Mixing & recording voice-overs
  • Assist Sr. Engineer with special projects

AVL Tech

  • Assist with technical AV aspects on campus each weekend
  • Provide break & fix for Production Team
  • Assist with upgrades & installs
  • Assist Technical Director with special projects

IT Support

  • Network and server assistance
  • Create emails, and user accounts
  • Problem solve IT issues
  • Database management

Motion Graphics

  • Design motion graphics for Worship Experience series
  • Design motion graphics based on project requests
  • Prioritize & manage project deadlines
  • Development and training from Sr. Designer

Graphic Design

  • Design graphic materials for Worship Experience
  • Create engaging visuals for eKidz, Outreach, eGroups, and Volunteer ministries
  • Design graphic materials for Resources
  • Design for other various mediums

Digital Design Team

  • Design marketing campaigns and emails
  • Enhance and contribute to building the Elevation Church app
  • Create content for
  • Assist in web design for Elevation Church websites


  • On campus each weekend capturing the experience on camera
  • Photograph special events & community outreach events
  • Editing
  • Maintain & organize photo library and archive

Facilities Management

  • Manage facilities projects
  • Work order management and logistics
  • Perform maintenance
  • Assist with central needs

Health & Wellness

  • Coordination of staff wellness initiatives including fitness challenges
  • Help coordinate staff competitions and maintain leaderboards
  • Create staff wellness resources
  • Assist with needs and supplies of Campus Safety Teams

Worship Administration

  • Assist with administrative tasks pertaining to any of the following: Elevation Church Worship Experiences, Elevation Worship publishing, or Elevation Worship touring 
  • Research & execute marketing initiatives
  • Managing album sales data

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