Those Boldly Before You

Since the start of the Elevation Intern Program there have been over 300 bold interns.  That’s 300 people who were in your same position.  Take a look at how they became friends, family and a part of the Elevation Intern tradition.

“The internship challenged me to embrace things that God had called out in me, things that I had rejected before because they would cause me to leave my comfort zone.”

Caeli Faisst

Summer 2015

“It challenged me simply because I came in here not knowing what to expect out of this season. At 22, I’m supposed to be seeking some form of stability, so it took a lot to jump right into a season where so many things were-and still are-in the air.”

Carter Murphy

Fall 2015

“I feel like I have gotten to be a part of a family! I’ve never gotten so close to people in such a short span of time.”

Rick Harrison

Spring 2015

“My relationship with God has run so much deeper simply from the people I was around and the conversations that we had. I have learned so much from every relationship that I invested in here.”

Ariana Martinez

Fall 2014

“I felt at home and everyone around me became family. As interns we are included in pretty much everything that the staff does, it’s such a blessing coming to work and being treated with such honor and respect even though we are interns.”

Angel Marin

Spring 2014

“I loved that I had a supervisor that developed me as a leader and placed me in my sweet spot.”

Whitney Higgins

Spring 2014

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