Digital Analyst

General Responsibilities

  • You’ll assist with defining and implementing measurable strategies to meet our digital presence objectives.
  • You’ll develop KPI dashboards, outlining cross-channel insights.
  • You’ll use methodical performance analysis to influence/support campaign strategies.
  • You’ll analyze online user behavior while sharing your findings with the team to develop the best strategies for promoting the most important message.
  • You’ll work closely with the Communications Team to identify and explore opportunities for greater impact.


  • Bachelor’s degree with 2+ years of experience with data analytics and logistics
  • Experience in working in a marketing/intelligence environment
  • High level of experience working with analytical software
  • Experience working with presentation software
  • Experience in identifying and validating strategic and tactical marketing objectives
  • Love working on a team as much as you love working with the numbers


  • Experience in digital strategies and logistics
  • Experience in new and social media outlets

X Factors

  • You’re passionate about the Gospel.
    You are active in your local church. You are passionate and motivated to build the local church and believe it’s God's plan for bringing hope to the world.
  • You’re all about the numbers.
    You know the ins and outs of formulas, forecasting, and analytics. Most people go out to dinner on Friday night, but you’re just as happy data mining and reviewing trends, patterns, or other reports that would make most people leave after the first sight of the spreadsheet.
  • You know people.
    People choose to get their specific media for many different reasons, and you know why. New and social media is less of a hobby for you, and more like a way of life. You understand what content belongs where, and in what format, because the data tells you.