Steps to Becoming an Extension Site

Extension Leadership

God has continued to expand the reach of Elevation Church and we are excited about the leaders who are interested in joining this movement through Extension. In order to continue to raise the bar of excellence in leadership and operations, we will explore new Extension possibilities with the following considerations:

For University Sites

  • The leader applying must be over 18 years of age and must have successfully completed their first semester of college (can not be a first-semester freshman).
  • The leader applying MUST visit Elevation Church in Charlotte prior to applying.
  • The leader applying should currently use Twitter and/or Facebook.

For Residential Sites

  • The leader applying is over 23 years of age and is not in college.
  • The metro area has a population over 350,000 people
  • The leader applying MUST visit Elevation Church in Charlotte prior to applying.
  • The leader applying should currently use Twitter and/or Facebook.
  • The leader currently has a group of 20+ people engaging in the Elevation worship experience via the Elevation Network, podcasts, Roku or other Elevation resources.


We are currently building teams for UNC Asheville, UNC Wilmington, and UNC Greensboro. We believe that any university campus nationwide is an ideal location to create the Elevation worship experience so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ.


Launching and establishing Residential Sites is an intentionally slower process, considering the potential impact on the community, as well as the leadership weight these carry. We currently have teams working and growing in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and Houston, TX.

Each Site is provided with a set of timelines and metrics in order to guide growth and sustainability. If a Site fails to meet certain benchmarks, we may choose to dissolve that location.

Extension Sites are intended to act as a local church, not a para-church organization or ministry within another church (for example, it is not intended to be a youth ministry, men's ministry, etc.) For this reason, the leader or applicant should clearly evaluate their calling to reach their city by aligning with the vision of Elevation Church, to see people far from God raised to life in Christ.

Each Site is unique and therefore subject to varying parameters and criteria. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of a Site in your area.


  • I'm moving away from Elevation, how can I take my church with me?

    Great question. First, we are sad to see you go but believe the best is still ahead for you and your situation. While it is a great advantage to have already been a part of Elevation in Charlotte, you will still need to follow the Extension guidelines communicated on this website and apply accordingly.

  • What is an Extension location?

    Each Extension location is an extension of the vision of Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church. Oversight and accountability are provided from Elevation Church, while each Extension location is responsible for local details and logistics. The purpose of an Extension location is the same as that of Elevation Church - so that people far from God will be raised to life in Christ.

  • Practically, what does an Extension Site look like?

    Each Site is different. Some start as small groups of 8-12 people meeting in a living room participating in the worship experience by watching on a TV. Others have seen 100-300 on their launch date and rent schools or other facilities to provide full Elevation-style worship experiences.

    Elevation Church will provide each Site with a full worship experience - sermon and worship (including lyrics on the screen). As Sites grow, other resources are available. Sites can have their own worship band but this is not required. Sites must use the sermons provided by Elevation Church, however.

    *** The following sections do not apply to all Sites. University Sites especially will operate differently to best impact their campuses and align with the policies and direction of the university.

    Finances - Elevation Extension Sites are active extensions of Elevation Church and therefore the church serves as the "storehouse" mentioned in Malachi 3, where the tithes are to be brought so that the Gospel through the vision of Elevation Church can continue to be spread throughout the world. Tithing to Elevation Church through an Extension Site is the same as it would be if attending an Elevation location in Charlotte. All tithes and offerings are tax-deductible and you will receive statements informing you of how your faithful giving has impacted thousands of people throughout the world. Click here to give securely online.

    All money given to Elevation Church through a Extension Site goes to further the vision of Elevation Church to reach people far from God and fill them with life in Christ. As Sites grow through the 3 different phases of development, an Income Allocation System is implemented that strategically channels the resources from the Site back into the community of the Site. More details concerning finances and the IAS will be discussed with the Extension Director during an interview.

    eKidz - Elevation Church believes strongly in the influence of the next generation and teaching children about God's purpose for their lives. Each Extension Site will have access to curriculum and other resources along with access to our Central support staff. Each independent Elevation Extension site will make decisions based on size and goals regarding their local children’s ministry. The resources are available for a comprehensive children’s ministry identical to that in Charlotte.

  • What does the future look like for Extension and my Site specifically?

    The intention of each Site is growth. The Church is an organism and therefore should never stop growing. Each Site, however, has certain numerical and impact metrics to meet in order to keep moving forward and advancing the Gospel. Some eGroups may grow into Sites. Some Sites may grow into full Elevation campuses. Whatever the organizational structure becomes, the main focus is reaching as many people as we can, knowing that each person has a story and each story is important to God.

  • Can an existing church be an Extension Site?

    This will be rare and decided on a case-by-case basis. Elevation Extension Sites ARE Elevation Church, meaning they are governed by Elevation Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick and the Elevation Staff, and align with the vision and structure of Elevation Church. With this being the case, an existing church would go through an extensive process to relaunch as an Elevation location. This would mean staffing changes, philosophy and culture shifts and long conversations about vision and the future of that location. If you would like to discuss this possibility further, please contact Stephen Webb to start the conversation.

  • Who leads a Site or how do I become qualified to start one?

    Elevation Extension was created to empower others around the world to join with Elevation Church in reaching people far from God in their area. So the top requirement is a heart for reaching people with the Gospel and the passion and focus to do whatever it takes to make that happen. This includes but is not limited to: building a team of likeminded world-changers around you; recruiting, training and empowering a band to lead in worship; building a relationship with an Outreach Partner where your Site can make the biggest impact giving back to your community; and constantly learning and chasing down the necessary knowledge and insight to stay on the front edge of ministry.

    Site Coordinators are not paid. Likewise they are not guaranteed employment if and when a Site grows into a full campus.

    If you're ready to explore this unique and powerful opportunity, complete this form to start the conversation.

  • How can I start an Extension Site or eGroup in a prison?

    Someone from within the prison must apply to start an Extension Site. Each state, each prison, and the federal system itself all operate independently and therefore have unique entry limitations. The Chaplain (if the prison employs one) is the main point of contact. The Chaplain has to approve this Extension relationship as well as all materials and content entering the facility. To start an Extension Site or eGroup in a prison, please have the Chaplain or the inmate apply through the same application process communicated on this website.

  • Can there be an international Extension Site or eGroup?

    Yes. Our Greater Toronto Area campus in Canada began as an Extension Site in 2012 and quickly transitioned into an Elevation campus. International Sites must speak and understand English and must still visit Elevation in Charlotte prior to applying. Other relevant details regarding finances, culture differences, etc., will also be discussed per Site. International eGroups are perhaps the best option, since the operational structure, potential impact and logistics are all determined by the applicant. Another option is to use the Elevation Network freely and wait until a critical mass is reached before venturing into Extension.