Which job should I take? How do I know if he's the one? What am I supposed to do with my life? All our greatest questions are rooted in the same desire - to understand the will of God. We don't want to make a bad choice or the wrong decision. We just want to know what God wants us to do and where God wants us to go. So how can we know? This series takes a closer look at God's will – and how we fit into it all.

The Only Way to Know God's Will

Pastor Steven Furtick

When we accept Christ as Savior, we make the single most important decision of our lives. But once we make that choice, we open ourselves up to endless new decisions, all centering on one over-arching question: what does God want us to do with our lives? Trying to decipher the will of God can be a frustrating prison of fear and second-guessing. But in the first part of our new series, Pastor Steven explains a life-altering perspective shift that changes the way we approach our place in God's will.

How Awesome is This

Pastor Steven Furtick

Chances are most of us aren't hearing from God with an audible list of instructions when we are seeking direction for our next steps. We want to trust Him and step out in faith, but there's no burning bush or blinding light. So how are we supposed to hear from God when it comes to the important decisions in our life? In part two of our series God's Will Is Whatever, Pastor Steven uses the life of Jacob to explain the different channels God can use to reveal His will to us.

43 Shades of Orange

Pastor Steven Furtick

It is not enough to just to discover the will of God. That's just the first step. Besides, many of us are educated well beyond our level of obedience. So what do we do once we understand God's will for our situation? And how do we do it the next time? And the time after that? In part three of our series God's Will Is Whatever, Pastor Steven teaches us how over time, the will of God can become the desire of our heart.

God's Will At Work

Larry Hubatka

The Biblical truths we learn at church each weekend are intended to not just be heard on Sunday, but put into practice Monday through Friday. We should be weekly seeking to put handles on what God teaches us and begin to practically apply it to our daily lives. For part four of our series God's Will Is Whatever, we watched the testimonies of several people in the church, showing how they seek God's will everyday in the workplace.

What's God's Will When...

Pastor Steven Furtick

There is a big difference between hearing a sermon on Sunday and applying it to our lives on Monday. What happens when what we hear doesn't fit neatly into our life circumstance? What if we still have questions? To close out our series God's Will Is Whatever, Pastor Steven sat down with our church and answered specific questions about God's will, covering everything from dating to finances to finding God's will when He closes doors in our lives.