Most of us know the basics. Big God. Baby Jesus. Our sin. The cross. The resurrection. But beyond that, many of us don’t really know much more about Christianity. We don’t actually have answers when we get asked about our faith. In our series I Don’t Know What I Believe, we’ll look at the foundation of our beliefs and build a Christ-centered confidence as we learn why we believe what we believe.

The Total Trust Theory

Pastor Steven Furtick

God loves us. He has rescued us and He has a plan for us. These are some of the foundational statements our faith found in scripture. And when we read these words, it fuels our faith. We want to believe God is good. But we don't live in a perfect vacuum. So what happens when the circumstances of our lives don't align with what God says? How do we keep our faith in the midst of struggles and pain and trials? In part one of our series I Don't Know What I Believe, Pastor Steven helps us establish a deep-rooted confidence in Christ, able to withstand lives that can shake us at our foundation.

More Likes

Pastor Steven Furtick

If we truly believe what the Bible says about God's love, what Jesus did for us, and who we are in Him - why then so often do our lives not reflect that? We believe our salvation is secure, but what is keeping us from experiencing the life-changing sanctification that God has called us to? In part two of our series I Don't Know What I Believe, Pastor Steven points us to three areas of our lives that can easily derail us from living a Holy life.

The Second Circle

Pastor Steven Furtick

"God is in control." It sounds nice and it makes a great bumper sticker - but do we really believe it? How can God, and all His infinite power, love, and grace, coexist in a world with cancer, divorce, human trafficking, and genocide? How can God possibly be in control when life often feels very much the contrary? In part 3 of our series I Don't Know What I Believe, Pastor Steven explains how God and His sovereignty give us a hope to cling to during the most tumultuous seasons of our lives.

Scar Shaper

Pastor Steven Furtick

A lot of us wish that our lives as Christians were a constant stream of never-ending blessing – like God is some sort of celestial Oprah, giving away all His favorite things. We get the parking spot. We get the tax refund. We get green lights and clear skies. But if that's our view of God, then how are we supposed to deal with everything that doesn't turn out just right? When we hurt, and grieve, and suffer. How are we supposed to find God there? In part four of our series "I Don't Know What I Believe" Pastor Steven helps us to reestablish our perspective on suffering, and how God ultimately intends to use it in our lives for our good and His glory.

Learn to Live

John Bishop

Most of us would feel more confident about what we believed if all we had to do was memorize the right vocabulary and understand the right concepts. But God never intended for life to be an exam we passed just by simply knowing the right things. In part five of our series I Don't Know What I Believe, Elevation GTA Campus Pastor John Bishop, gives us three tests designed to help us move our faith from our head to our heart.

Protect Your Confidence (Put it On Me)

Pastor Steven Furtick

There is no guarantee that once we place our faith in the hands of Christ, that our lives will suddenly, magically improve. In fact, we often find that it's quite the opposite. But a life in Christ is not built on the outcome of our circumstances, no matter how shaky and unstable they may become. And in part six of our series I Don't Know What I Believe, Pastor Steven explains how to keep our confidence when our circumstances are under attack.

Turn Off the Dark

Pastor Levi Lusko

When we as Christians experience unthinkable personal tragedy, we are often left to question why God would allow this to happen. We struggle with what our response should be. Are we allowed to be sad or do just try to smile through the pain? In the final part of our series, I Don't Know What I Believe, Pastor Levi Lusko of Fresh Life Church, teaches us about finding purpose in our pain through his own testimony of trial and hope.