Strong. Patient. Loving. Just. These are the kind of words that God uses to describe Himself. But what about the words God uses to describe us? Why do we struggle to believe Him when He calls us loved, wise, chosen, and blameless? How do we reconcile God's identity with our own? In this series, discover how to re-imagine yourself in the image of God.

Adventures in Assumption

Pastor Steven Furtick

No matter who you are, we all have at least one thing in common. We all share the natural, conscious desire to know who we are and why we are here on this planet. But before we can understand ourselves, we have to gain an understanding of who God is. If we don't have a knowledge of the Creator, we'll never fully grasp the purpose of His creation and the plans He has for us. In the first week of our series I Know He Is But What Am I? Pastor Steven laid the groundwork for his teaching by reminding us what the Bible says about the perfect character and matchless characteristics of our God.

It's in the Cloud

Pastor Steven Furtick

We all, to some extent, live in “the gap.” Whether you are a lead pastor with a lifetime of experience, or a brand new believer in Christ – “the gap” exists. On one side is who God says we are and His commands for our lives. And on the other side is how we actually feel and what we do instead. Here’s the good thing – this isn’t a new struggle. Peter. Paul. Jonah. David. Adam. Over and over again throughout scripture you can see this schizophrenic juxtaposition. What God says. What we do instead. Repeat. So how do we fix “the gap”? In part 2 of our sermon series I Know He Is, But What Am I, Pastor Steven teaches us that closing “the gap” has less to do with our activity and far more to do with our identity.

16 & Pregnant

Pastor Steven Furtick

At Elevation Church, we do student ministry a little different. We don’t have a “youth group” in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, we encourage our students to be a part of the weekend worship experience, join student small groups and serve in their church and the community. Why wait for them to grow up to be a part of what God is doing? Every year we take a weekend to celebrate our students as the men and women of God they are becoming in Christ. We call it Student Takeover. In part 3 of our sermon series I Know He Is, But What Am I?, Pastor Steven uses this year’s Student Takeover to speak directly to our students, encouraging them that no matter what they go through this school year, their identity is secure – when they know who they belong to.


Lysa TerKeurst