Heroes and villains. Showdowns and miracles. Life and death. The Bible holds within it's pages some of the greatest stories ever told. Stories packed with action, drama, and mystery. Stories that have stood the test of time and can stand toe to toe against the best Hollywood blockbusters. In our series IN•FIN•8 we look back through the scriptures and re-tell eight of the greatest stories forever told, learning why they still matter to us today.

The Worst Greatest Story Ever Told

Pastor Steven Furtick

There is a very real and present Enemy lurking in our lives. He wants to destroy us and our relationship with God. But Satan is crafty in his deception. Instead of showing us how he wants to ruin us, he asks us questions that cause us to doubt the instructions, intentions, and promises of God. In this first part of our series IN•FIN•8, Pastor Steven looks at the story of Adam & Eve to help us understand the questions Satan asks us - and the questions God asks us in return.

Keep Calm & Carry On

Pastor Steven Furtick

If all we want is a life of convenience and only convenience, then God's way is not the best way. Because when it comes to God's will and His plan for our lives, His way is not always the shortest way or the easiest way. It's better than that. In the second part of our series IN•FIN•8, Pastor Steven uses the the story of Moses and the Red Sea to show us that God's way is the way that causes us to press in towards Him, stretching our faith and increasing His glory.

How Long Will You Limp?

Pastor Steven Furtick

God did not bring us into existence so that He could only reign over certain areas of our lives. God did not send Jesus to rescue a sinful, broken world so that He could just be one of our options. So why do we treat Him that way? Why, as Christians, do we want God to reign over our spiritual lives, but then often choose to follow other options when it comes to our job, our relationships, or our finances? In part three of our series IN•FIN•8, Pastor Steven shows us, though the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel, the problem with keeping our options open.

Can't Call It

Pastor Steven Furtick

We all want to know what God wants us to do with our lives. We want Him to clarify our calling. Where do we go? How do we do it? But our calling is much more than just a set of directions. And it rarely caters to our convenience and comfort. In part 4 of our series IN•FIN•8, Pastor Steven uses the story of Jonah to help us understand our calling, how to respond to it, and the ultimate purpose of what God has called us all to do.

I Can Trust God No Matter What

Frank Bealer

For part five of our series IN•FIN•8 our Family Pastor Frank Bealer, with help from our eKidz children's ministry, used the story of Daniel in the lions' den to teach us how to trust God in any situation.

Why Does Our Faith Fail?

Pastor Steven Furtick

We all want a strong faith. We feel like if we had "better faith" we'd make it through the storms of life in one piece. If we had "more faith" our marriage would improve, our kids would be better behaved, we'd get that promotion we want. But in part six of our series IN•FIN•8, Pastor Steven uses the story of Peter walking on water to show us that the point of the storm isn't to prove our faith, it's to prove God's faithfulness.

We move, God runs. We bring, God moves.

Larry Hubatka

In part seven of our IN•FIN•8 series, our Creative Pastor Larry Hubatka walks us through the parable of the prodigal son. It's a story of a redemption. A lost son restored. And through his story, we are reminded of just who Jesus came to save - sinners like him. Sinners like you. Sinners like us.

The Greatest Story Forever Told

Pastor Steven Furtick

All the best stories have it. The right setting. The climactic action. The memorable characters. And the greatest story forever told is no exception. For our Easter Worship experiences, we closed out our IN•FIN•8 series by looking throughout scripture – from Genesis to the Gospels to the book of Revelation – using worship, creativity, and preaching, and connected the dots of a plot of weaved together from the dawn of time. A story centered around one perfect character and one climactic event – the death and resurrection of Jesus.