Every year we start the same way. We vow to do things differently. To make this year better than the last. We resolve to change. And we start strong; with the best of intentions. But inevitably we fall short, settling back into mediocrity and habit for another year. We need to reframe the way we think about resolutions. And it starts this year.

It's not a project, it's a process.

Pastor Steven Furtick

One of the most discouraging times every year is the moment you realize that you didn't keep some, if not all, of your new year's resolutions. What's wrong with us? Maybe we are too weak and undisciplined. Maybe we're making the wrong goals. Or maybe we're just going about it all the wrong way. In the first part of our series, The New Rules of Resolution, Pastor Steven explains to us why God is more interested in our process than our projects.

It's not achieving, it's receiving.

Pastor Steven Furtick

In the world's economy, we are taught that you first achieve, then receive. You don't get your yearly bonus in January. You don't get your college degree before you take the classes. You have to do the work before you get the reward. This model is true in all areas of our lives. Except one. Because God's economy works in a different way. In the second part of our series The New Rules of Resolution, Pastor Steven explains the life-changing implications of God's exception to the rule.

It's not trying, it's training.

Wade Joye & Larry Hubatka

We all experience moments of doubt and defeat in our relationship with God. Why am I not growing? How does the Enemy keep backing me into a corner? Where is the victory over my flesh? As it turns out, it has a lot to do with our approach. To introduce part three of the New Rules of Resolution, Pastor Steven sat down with his friend, and former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort, as they discussed the parallels between MMA training and the Christian life Christ called us to live.

It's not a competition, it's a calling.

Pastor Steven Furtick

Who has the better job. Who has the better kids. Whose recipe is better on Pinterest and whose sunset looks better on Instagram. It's all around us. We are slaves to a constant and endless cycle of comparison. But why? What are we trying to prove? And to who? And ultimately, for what? In the fourth part of our series The New Rules of Resolution, Pastor Steven addresses the harmful effects our culture of competition, and the only way to truly break free from it.

It's not what you would, it's what you can.

Pastor Steven Furtick

Calling. It's a vague word and it looks different for all of us - but we all want it. What is God's purpose for us? What does He want us to do with the time we've been given? But many of us have the wrong idea about our calling. Our calling is not some distant future dream we'll chase and champion when our situation allows it. It's not what we would do, it's what we can do.