For most people, the Bible is a just a big book of rules. A seemingly endless list of demands that we can never live up to. But what if we saw the Bible less as a prison sentence and more like a permission slip? God never intended for the Bible to limit us, but to point us to the true freedom only He can provide. And in this series we will discover how this freedom allows us to truly live life the way God designed it.

The Horn, The Sword, & The Robe

Pastor Steven Furtick

When we think about our future, what keeps us from moving forward? And what is limiting us in our lives today? The irony is that often the answer to these questions is rooted in our past. Failure. Disappointment. Shame. We feel chained to these failed past performances and broken dreams. In part three of our series "(This is Your) Permission Slip," Pastor Steven teaches us that when we accept Christ, God has given us permission to let go of our past as He takes us into the future He has planned for us.

Student Takeover

Pastor Steven Furtick

Being a student who is passionately following Christ is harder today than it has ever been. The tangles of social media. The access and anonymity of smart phones. The fleeting pleasures found in peer pressure. Couple that with the perception that Christianity is just another set of rules to follow, and it is no wonder that 75% of students leave the church after high school. But what if we shifted that perspective? What if we taught the next generation the truth that Christianity is less about "Do's" and "Dont's" and more about freedom found in Christ? In part four of our series (This is Your) Permission Slip, Pastor Steven sat down with our students to answer their questions about what it looks like to be a Christian in today's culture, and show us what the freedom found in Christ can look like in our everyday lives.

Get to Give

Pastor Steven Furtick

Giving has always been a sermon topic that makes people clinch their fists, shift in their seats, and begin checking their watches. But maybe that's because we approach our giving from the wrong perspective. Far too many of us see giving as an obligation to God, or as a way to manipulate Him into blessing us. If that's the way we were taught about giving, then yes - there's not much there to get excited about. But in the final part of our series (This Is Your) Permission Slip, Pastor Steven teaches us a third way to approach our giving – one that breaks us free from our own selfish desires and draws us closer to a God who will not be out given.