Audition for the worship team at Elevation Church.

Submit your videos by

April 23rd, 2018

  • All video submissions are due by midnight on April 23rd, 2018. You will receive an email letting you know if we would like you to come in for a live callback.
  • We only accept auditions through video submissions. We’re excited about all that God is doing in and through our worship ministry, and we’re looking forward to hearing your videos!
  • If you want to audition for multiple instruments, or an instrument and vocals or choir, you will need to submit separate videos for each.
  • We will view all videos and you will be emailed back only if you’ve been asked to continue in the audition process.

Please make sure to submit a video including all songs listed under the area you are auditioning for.


Overcome” – Elevation Worship:
Verse 2/Chorus/Bridge
Fullness” – Elevation Worship:
Chorus 2/Instrumental Bridge/ Bridge
Yahweh” – Elevation Worship (6/8):
Forever I Run”- Elevation Worship:
Whole Song


Overcome” – Elevation Worship:
Verse 2 to the end
Do It Again” – Elevation Worship:
Verse 2 to the end
Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake:
Chorus 2 to end of the song


Fullness” – Elevation Worship:
From Chorus 2 to the end of the Bridge
He Is Lord” – Elevation Worship:
Turnaround after Chorus 1 to the end of Chorus 2
Misery Business” – Paramore:
Intro to the end of Chorus 1


Fullness” – Elevation Worship:
Verse 2 to the end of the Bridge
Resurrecting” (Gospel Version) – Elevation Worship:
Chorus 2 to end of Verse 3
Do It Again”- Elevation Worship:
Verse 2 to end




“Grateful” – Elevation Worship: Verse 2/Chorus/Bridge to End
“There Is A Cloud”– Elevation Worship: Whole Song


“Forever I Run” – Elevation Worship: Verse 2/Chorus/Bridge
“Mighty Cross” – Elevation Worship: Whole Song


“Resurrecting” (Gospel Version) – Elevation Worship: Verse 2/Chorus/Bridge
“Do It Again” – Elevation Worship: Verse 2/Chorus/Bridge”