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Building Healthy Relationships

One main reason people lead an eGroup is to help other believers build relationships.

Meeting with your eGroup during your regular meetings provides stability, but as a leader, your greatest ministry moments might happen outside those meetings.

If you commit to developing healthy relationships with the people in your eGroup, you’ll become a trusted friend and counselor for when they need you most.

Here are a few simple ways you can build healthy relationships with your eGroup:

  • Meet outside of your eGroup. A simple meeting over coffee or dinner shows that you’re committed to being a leader AND a friend.
  • Text and call people regularly. Investing in people’s lives by consistently including them in yours builds genuine connections.
  • Celebrate life events. Wishing people a happy birthday or a happy anniversary and celebrating promotions, baby announcements, and new marriages are ways to show your eGroup members that you enjoy sharing life with them.
  • Have fun together. Breaking the norm is a good way to refresh and re-energize your eGroup. Not every eGroup meeting has to be serious. Every once in a while, plan to do something fun — have a group dinner, go bowling, or serve at an outreach event together.