Sermon Discussion Guide: June 9

Conversation Starters

  • June 4 was National Cheese Day! What’s your favorite kind of cheese?
  • It’s a hot summer’s day. Which is the best way to cool down: ice cream, swimming, or a hammock in the shade?
  • You’re directing the programming for Elevation Worship’s next tour. What song would you make sure they sing at every concert?

Start With Scripture

Encourage your eGroup to open their Bibles to the main scripture from the message. Ask someone in your eGroup to read it.
  • What stands out to you in these passages? Why?
  • How do you identify (or not) with what you read?

Make It Personal

  • If you had to explain the main point of the sermon to someone who wasn’t there, what would you say?
  • Which points from the sermon connected with you the most? Why?
  • How was your perspective challenged? How did that impact you?
  • What’s the easiest part of the message for you to apply to your life? What’s the hardest? Why?
  • How would next week look different for you if you took action steps to apply what you heard?

Act On It

  • Write down two or three steps to take this week to put the message into action.

Prayer Requests and Prayer

Ask eGroup members to share any prayer requests they have. Record any notes or prayer requests to pray for members during the week. Dear Lord, thank You for the message we received and how You are speaking to us through it. Help us to apply it to our lives, and teach us how we can continue to grow in the areas where we felt challenged. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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