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Q: How much does a polar bear weigh?

A: Enough to break the ice!

If you’ve ever used that as a pick-up line, you probably owe someone an apology. But when it comes to your eGroup, Conversation Starters go a long way towards making people feel comfortable enough to open up in a meaningful conversation. Below are some ideas to create an atmosphere for conversation as you start your eGroup time together:


  • Two Truths and a Lie: Have everyone in the room take turns sharing three interesting facts about themselves – two that are true and one that is false. Let members take turns sharing their three facts and let the group decide which one is a lie.
  • Interview: Have the eGroup form pairs and give everyone five minutes to interview their partner. After five minutes, come back together as a group and have each person introduce their partner and share their responses. Below are sample questions to use:
    • Tell me about your family.
    • How did you get to Elevation Church?
    • What is one thing you are afraid?
    • What is your favorite breakfast food?
    • If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring two items, what would they be?
    • What are you looking forward to in the next three months?
  • M&Ms: Pass a bowl of M&Ms around your eGroup. Tell everyone to take at least one M&M, but they can take as many as they want. Once everyone has their M&Ms, everyone must share one interesting fact about himself or herself for each M&M they grabbed.
  • Never Have I Ever:Have everyone in the group hold up five fingers. Go around the room and have each person share one thing they’ve never done before. If anyone has done that before, they put one finger down. Go around until one person is left!
  • The Story Behind the Object: Have the group sit in a circle. Each person points to an object they are wearing or something that they have with them (like a photo from their purse or wallet). They then introduce themselves and tell the group a story relating to that object.



  • Memories in a Hat: Each eGroup member writes down a memory from their childhood on a piece of paper, folds it in half, and places it in a hat or bowl. Someone reads aloud each memory and the group has to guess whose memory it is.
  • Biggest Fan: This is a tournament version of the game paper, rock, scissors. Split the group into pairs and challenge each pair to a quick game of paper, rock, scissors. If you lose to someone, you automatically become that person’s biggest fan. The fan bases will build until the room is divided in two teams for the finals. There should be plenty of yelling, cheering, and celebrating until there is one winner.
  • Heads Up: Download the game app “Heads Up” and divide the group into two teams. Play three rounds of “Heads Up” and give the winning and losing teams appropriate prizes.
  • The Celebrity Game: Hand eGroup members cards with the name of a celebrity written on each card. Members must discover the name of the celebrity that other people are holding by asking questions that can only be answered “yes” or “no.”  Choose one person to ask questions to. Continue asking questions as long as the answer is “yes.” As soon as the person answers “no,” the group must guess who the celebrity is based on the information they learned. Move on to the next person in the group and continue until all members have had an opportunity to share.