Expect A Resurrection!

Discussion Guide

Conversation Starters

  • Which is the best Easter candy: chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, or marshmallow Peeps?
  • You get to resurrect any TV show so it can have one more season. Which show do you bring back?
  • A friend tells you to “expect the best birthday ever” this year. What would you expect?


Ask eGroup members to share their favorite points from the sermon, what spoke to them, a phrase or moment from the sermon they related to the most, or questions they have. If members have a hard time recalling the sermon, talk through your notes and share your favorite points.

Make It Personal

  • Give each group member a few minutes to talk about how they’re doing. (Encourage people to share some positive things, like what’s been the best part of their week, have they rediscovered any hobbies, etc.)
  • On Easter weekend, Pastor Steven preached a message about unmet expectations and resurrection. In this season, are you dealing with any unmet expectations? (Encourage them to be specific and share how any unmet expectations are affecting them.)
  • Think about your unmet expectations. How have you not accepted what’s changed or been taken away?
  • Unmet expectation is the starting point of resurrection. What does that mean to you? How do you need to face death so you can experience resurrection? (How can accepting/letting go help you expect resurrection?)
  • Read John 11:21-27. Jesus IS resurrection — what does that mean? How is that different from Him performing resurrection?
    • In this scripture, it looks like Martha responds to Jesus first with resentment, but then she shifts into trust. Have you been responding to God with trust or resentment? What can you do to show more trust?
  • Resurrection is right now — purpose can’t just be in the past, and faith can’t just be in the future. What does resurrection look like for you? How do you need to open yourself up to the rattle of resurrection?
  • Pastor Steven said this was a “receiving” sermon. What did you receive from the sermon?

Act On It

Who in your life needs some encouragement right now? Reach out to them this week and let them know they can expect resurrection. Share what you received from this sermon and how you’re expecting resurrection in your own life.

Prayer Requests And Prayer

Ask eGroup members to share any prayer requests they have. Record any notes or prayer requests to pray for members during the week.
Father, thank you for sending a Savior who IS resurrection. Thank You for providing a way for us to come together and celebrate Jesus regardless of the distance between us. This week, show us the unmet expectations that we are holding onto, and use them as seeds to show us the true meaning of resurrection. In Jesus’ name, amen.