It Works in Reverse

Discussion Guide

Conversation Starters

Looking for a way to get the group talking? Try one of these conversation starters.
  • Elevation Worship released their new album, CAN YOU IMAGINE?, this weekend! Go around and share your favorite songs from the album and what they mean to you. Check out the new album here
  • Pastor Holly’s just celebrated her birthday! Have everyone share when their birthday is and a favorite birthday memory they have.

Sermon Reflection

Help transition the group to the discussion with one of these questions.
  • What stood out to you from this week’s message?
  • What from the message encouraged you/challenged you the most?

Sermon Discussion

Select 1-2 themes from the sermon to discuss with your eGroup.
  • Read 1 Chronicles 28:10. There’s a lot in life we don’t know about, such as the details of God’s plans or what the future will hold. However, there’s one thing we can know for sure: we are chosen by God. Just like God chose Solomon to build the temple, He has a specific calling for our lives, too. 
    • Share about a time when God called you to do something and He equipped you for the challenge along the way (an experience where you didn’t feel equipped at the start, but you felt God sustaining you throughout).
    • What do you feel God is calling you to right now? (a job, a decision, a change in habits, etc.) 
    • How can you practically remind yourself this week of this truth: “I am chosen”? (examples: set a phone reminder, write it on your hand for a day, text it to a friend to encourage them, etc.) 
  • Read 1 Chronicles 28:10 one more time. Sometimes, we can feel like in order to “do the work” that God calls us to do, we first need to “be strong.” Thankfully, our ability to do the work is not dependent on us first being strong. Pastor Steven taught us “sometimes we have to do the stuff that strong people do even when we don’t feel the stuff that strong people feel.” 
    • Share an area of your life that you’ve felt weak in recently (where you’ve felt the work in front of you is greater than the strength you have). 
    • When you don’t “feel strong,” what helps you remember the strength that God has placed inside of you?
    • What are some “strong” things that you can do this week to help prepare you for the work God has for you? (singing worship songs, starting the day in prayer, reading the Bible, etc.) 
  • We can often fall into the trap of believing that we can only do God’s work when we feel a certain way or reach a certain point (when we feel stronger or better; or when we get older or through something). Pastor Steven taught us how in God’s Kingdom, if you want to be strong, you’ve got to do the work. 
    • What work is God calling you to do right now and what does He want to build through you? (a family, a discipline, a new thought pattern, etc.) 
    • In what area of your life have you ever felt like you were waiting to “arrive” before you felt qualified to do God’s work? (past or present)
    • What would it look like for you to step out and start “doing the work” this week, even though you don’t feel fully prepared yet? 
  • Read James 1:21-22. Pastor Steven taught us how “principles without practice are powerless.” It’s easy to surrender to our external environment instead of focusing on God’s Word that is planted deep within us. By committing to do the work of the Word planted within us, we then have the power to throw off the distractions surrounding us. 
    • How can you combat the outside forces seeking to distract you this week? 
    • Share about a time when you were given good advice that you listened to, but didn’t implement. How have you grown from that experience and what did it teach you about listening vs. doing? 
    • What are some principles —daily habits —that you can begin practicing this week to help you stay focused on God’s Word within you?

Activating Faith

Challenge your group to keep activating their faith. Make this a part of your eGroup time or send this activity to them after you meet.
Read 1 Corinthians 1:27. We learned this week how God works in reverse —instead of waiting until we’re strong to use us, God instead uses the moments when we’re weakest to show up in the greatest ways in our lives. In God’s Kingdom, all of our weaknesses have a purpose. Pastor Steven taught us: “The strength that you want is on the other side of the weakness that you are willing to work through.”
God wants to help us work through our weaknesses. On a piece of paper or on your phone, make a list of the areas you feel weak in right now. At the top of that list, write out 1 Corinthians 1:27. Remind yourself that God is not ashamed of your weakness and will use it for His glory. 
Next, write a prayer of surrender to God. Ask Him to use those weaknesses for His glory. Ask Him to show you what work He’s calling you to in order to work through that weakness. Thank Him for His strength in your life to help you work through it.


Close out your group with prayer using one of these options
  • An Interactive Prayer 
    • Break into pairs and pray this simple prayer over one another: “God is here to help you. Let him help you.” Although it’s simple, let it serve as a reminder that God is always here to help us as we humbly submit to him. 
  • A Guided Prayer
    • Dear Father, thank you for choosing me. Thank you for the calling that you have placed on my life. Please help me do the work that you’ve called me to do, knowing that your strength is always with me. Remind me that despite what I feel, you are working through me and giving me strength. Thank you for the word that you have planted within me. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Additional Resources

Want to help your group go deeper after you meet? Send them one of these resources that relates to the sermon topic.
Watch “The Restriction Has Been Lifted” by Pastor Steven to remind yourself that despite what your current situations look like, God still has the ability to do exceedingly, abundantly, and above all that we ask or think.
Watch this short from Elevation+ to learn why we should thank God for our areas of brokenness.
Did you know Pastor Steven has been expanding on some of his recent sermons?! Check out his playlist, The Basin, to hear more.