Living In The Tension

Discussion Guide

Conversation Starters

  • Pastor Robert talked about tension during his workouts — what’s your least favorite way to work out? (e.g., running, swimming, lifting weights, yoga, etc.)
  • Play Two Truths and a Lie. Tell your group two things about yourself that are true and one thing that isn’t. The group has to guess which one is the lie!


Ask eGroup members to share their favorite points from the sermon, what spoke to them, a phrase or moment from the sermon they related to the most, or questions they have. If members have a hard time recalling the sermon, talk through your notes and share your favorite points.

Make It Personal

  • How would you define grace and truth? (Give some examples of each.) Why is each important?
  • Read John 8:1-11. Where do you see grace and truth in this passage?
  • Share about a time when God showed you grace and truth. How did that change the way you see grace or truth? (Which made a greater impact on you — His grace or His truth?)
  • Is it easier for you to show grace or truth? Why? What are the risks of only showing grace or only saying truth? (How can living imbalanced in only one of them impact your life?)
  • Where do you see a need for grace or truth around you? What’s a specific step you can take to bring grace AND truth to that situation? (Where in your life are you dealing with tension? How can you bring greater truth and grace to that situation?)
  • When we’re facing tension, we can react, or choose to respond — reactions are quick, but responses are slow and deliberate. Share some areas of your life where it’s easy for you to react or where you’re good at responding.
  • Read John 18:7-11. How do you identify with Peter’s reaction? Talk about an area of your life now where you’re tempted to react, and what it would look like instead for you to choose to respond.
  • In John 8:1-11, how is Jesus’ response different from Peter’s reaction? How does Jesus’ example specifically inspire or encourage you to respond to the tensions you’re facing?

Act On It

This week, our church will #TakeAStep toward justice and equality in our local and global communities. You can visit your campus’s Facebook group to find specific ways we’ll be banding together each day. Take this opportunity to respond to current racial tensions with grace and truth. eGroup Leaders, lead the way in encouraging your group to participate.

Prayer Requests And Prayer

Ask eGroup members to share any prayer requests they have. Record any notes or prayer requests to pray for members during the week.
Father, thank You for giving us both absolute grace and absolute truth. Give us the courage to look inside ourselves and ask You to use Your grace and truth to reveal how we can grow and become more like Christ. In Jesus’ name, amen.