Looking Forward To Normal

Discussion Guide

Conversation Starters

  • What’d you kick over this week?
  • What’s something about you that’s not normal?
  • Pick three of these things to share with the group: the least normal thing you’ve ever eaten, the least normal place you’ve ever been, the least normal thing you’ve ever done, the least normal day you’ve ever had, or the least normal person you’ve ever met.


Ask eGroup members to share their favorite points from the sermon, what spoke to them, a phrase or moment from the sermon they related to the most, or questions they have. If members have a hard time recalling the sermon, talk through your notes and share your favorite points.

Make It Personal

  • What’s a new thing you’ve discovered in this season that you’re enjoying? (e.g., a new Netflix show, a new book, a new way to connect with people, etc.) What’s the thing you’ve missed the most since this started? (e.g., restaurants, sports, visiting friends, etc.)
  • Which parts of your “normal life” do you most want to get back to? Share why. (Are there any things you were complaining about a few months ago that you wish you could get back to now?)
  • Read Exodus 14:10-13. When we’re afraid, we reach for what’s familiar. How have you been experiencing fear? What familiar things have you been reaching for? (What “Egypts” are you trying to go back to?)
  • What is God teaching you to appreciate in this season? Is there anything God’s giving you in this season you had been praying for? (e.g., more opportunity to spend time with your kids, better priorities, a different perspective on your life, etc.)
    • Is there anything you’re praying for right now that you were trying to pray away a few months ago? How does that challenge the things you’re trying to pray away now?
  • What’s your definition of normal? What was your “normal” before the pandemic?
    • How have you seen God move in this season of “not-normal”? What might you have missed because you’re longing for normal?
  • “You’re never going back to normal.” How do you need to have that perspective? Talk about some ways it can help you in this season.
  • Read Romans 12:1-2. What does “new normal” mean to you? (New normal is ongoing — it’s a perspective to keep looking forward to what is God is doing.) How can transformation by the renewing of your mind help you pursue new normal? 
    • Are you holding onto a Blockbuster blessing? (An old “normal” God wants you to let go of to experience something new.) What is God calling you to give up to experience new normal?

Act On It

What’s your new normal? This week, pick one thing to distance yourself from and one thing to take advantage of to help you embrace your new normal. For example, you could choose to limit yourself to five minutes of news in the morning, and take advantage of extra time you’ve gained to exercise for 20-30 minutes each day.

Prayer Requests And Prayer

Ask eGroup members to share any prayer requests they have. Record any notes or prayer requests to pray for members during the week.
Father, we’re so grateful that You have better plans for us than “normal.” Thank You for always bringing us into a new normal — we ask for the wisdom to recognize and embrace it. Use this season in our lives to make something new and beautiful. In Jesus’ name, amen.