Get It Together

Session 6: Fix It

Goal: Re-orient it your finances so that you can live a life of generosity.

Fellowship: Have time to talk, eat, and get to know each other.

Have the information card out so that everyone can fill them out as they enter.

Pair Up: Ask your eGroup to pair up and spend a few minutes asking each other to:

  • Recite Philippians 2:1-13
  • Share answers to the Challenge It activity in your notebook.

Get To Know You: After a few minutes, ask everyone to share different answers from the Challenge It activity with
the group.

Set It Up:

  • Start by asking someone to pray out loud for your time together.
  • Ask someone to read Malachi 3:6-12 out loud.
  • Explain to your eGroup: This week, we’re talking about finances. We’re going to watch a clip from Pastor Steven’s sermon Fix the Flow and talk about how putting God first in our finances can position us to experience fulfillment in every area of our lives.

Watch It: Watch the sermon clip and encourage everyone to take notes using their Get It Together notebooks.

Write It Down: Give your eGroup 10-15 minutes to answer the questions in their Get It Together notebooks.

Discuss It: Use your answers from the Get It Together notebook and the questions below to facilitate a conversation with your eGroup:

  • What was one concept from the sermon clip or notebook that stuck out to you and why?
  • How do your values affect the way you handle your finances?
  • What has shaped your view of generosity?
  • What changes could you make in your life and budget to orient your life around being more generous?
  • What’s keeping you from making those changes?

Before next time:

  • Memorize Philippians 2:1-14
  • Complete the Challenge It activity in your notebook
  • Watch the full sermon – Fix The Flow

Close in Prayer

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​