Get It Together

Session 7: Do It

Goal: Walk in your calling by committing to the process of consistent obedience.

Fellowship: Have time to talk, eat, and get to know each other.

Have the information card out so that everyone can fill them out as they enter.

Pair Up: Ask your eGroup to pair up and spend a few minutes asking each other to:

  • Recite Philippians 2:1-14
  • Share answers to the Challenge It activity in your notebook.

Get To Know You: After a few minutes, ask everyone to share different answers from the Challenge It activity with the group.

Set It Up:

  • Start by asking someone to pray out loud for your time together.
  • Ask someone to read Romans 15:3-6 out loud.
  • Explain to your eGroup: We’re talking this week about your calling. We’re going to watch a clip from Pastor Steven’s sermon The Secret of Sustainable Success and talk about the importance of finding the right constants in our lives.

Watch It: Watch the sermon clip and encourage everyone to take notes using their Get It Together notebooks.

Write It Down: Give your eGroup 10-15 minutes to answer the questions in their Get It Together notebooks.

Discuss It: Use your answers from the Get It Together notebook and the questions below to facilitate a conversation with your eGroup:

  • What was one concept from the sermon clip or notebook that stuck out to you and why?
  • What’s one characteristic you would love to implement in your life from someone you respect?
  • Why do those closest to you need consistency from you?
  • How does this help you grasp what you feel called to do with your life?

Before next time:

Close in Prayer

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