Sudden Strength

Discussion Guide

Conversation Starters

Looking for a way to get the group talking? Try one of these conversation starters.
  • In celebration of Mother’s Day, share about an influential woman in your life.
  • Have you been to a night of worship before? Share about the experience. Are you planning to attend the Night of Worship on Friday?

Sermon Reflection

Help transition the group to the discussion with one of these questions. 
  • What stood out to you from this week’s message?
  • What from the message encouraged you/challenged you the most?

Sermon Discussion

Select 1-2 themes from the sermon to discuss with your eGroup.
  • Read 1 Samuel 30:1-6. Like David, we can all feel alone, afraid, or in despair at times. But when we need sudden strength and no one else is there, sometimes we have to strengthen ourselves. We need to use what strength we have to seek God and move forward, even if His direction isn’t what we expect.
    • Are you someone who is good at self-motivating, or do you need motivation from others?
    • What tools can we use to strengthen ourselves when we need strength and no one can help us? (The Bible app, an Elevation Worship album, sermons on Youtube) Which of these are most helpful for you?
    • What area of your life do you feel like you need help strengthening yourself in? (Getting through school, being a single parent, a job situation, etc.)
    • What can you do this week to seek God and move forward in strength?
  • Read Ephesians 6:10-13. God has equipped us with all we need to fight the enemy who wants to steal our peace and our hope. Being tired is a part of life, but it can’t be an excuse to not do what we need to. We have to learn how to fight when we’re tired because if we wait until we feel 100%, we’ll never get back what was stolen from us. God has victory for us, we just have to take it!
    • “It’s important to recognize when you’re tired and why you’re tired.” What are some things that can make you physically, spiritually, or mentally tired?
    • What kind of tiredness have you been experiencing lately (overscheduled, consequences of stupid decisions, a season of life, etc.), and what has the enemy tried to take from you through this tiredness? (joy, peace, marriage, purpose, breakthrough, etc.)
    • What choices can you make to fight this tiredness and take back what the enemy has taken from you?
  • Read 1 Chronicles 28:10. “The Lord has chosen you. Be strong and do the work.” Though we sometimes feel tired and disheartened, we need to be strong and do the work God has called us to. Strength comes as we move forward.
    • Reflect on the fact that you are chosen. Describe how this reality can affect your approach to difficult situations.
    • In what areas would you describe yourself as strong? In what areas do you need more of God’s strength?
    • “The Lord has chosen you. Be strong and do the work.” Fill in the blank and share this commitment with your eGroup:
      “The Lord has chosen me to _____, and I will be strong and do the work.”
    • “The strength you’re going to need tomorrow is in the work you will do today.” What can you commit to doing today to prepare for what God has chosen you to do?

Activating Faith

Challenge your group to keep activating their faith. Make this a part of your eGroup time or send this activity to them after you meet.
This week, we will practice inviting God to give us sudden strength when we need it. Holly taught us a prayer to invite God to give us sudden strength:
I breathe You in, Holy Spirit. (breathe) And your strength comes suddenly. (breathe) And your peace fills me completely.
Take some time to write down 1-2 situations in your life lately where you feel tired, overwhelmed, or distraught. After taking some time to reflect on these situations, take a moment to go through this prayer.
Write this prayer down and keep it with you or place it somewhere you’ll see it every day this week. Every time the fear, stress, tiredness, or despair rise up, repeat this prayer and invite God to build strength in you and fill you with peace.
Even if situations don’t arise, take some time each day to pray these words so that you have it ready when you do need it.


Close out your group with prayer using one of these options
  • Have group members write a prayer asking for God’s strength in the areas they feel tired in this week on a piece of paper. Collect the papers and have each person draw one and pray it aloud. To wrap up, have the group collectively pray in unison: I breathe You in, Holy Spirit. (Breathe.) And your strength comes suddenly. (Breathe.) And your peace fills me completely.
  • Thank you, God, that you are strong, powerful, and in control. Thank you that we have victory in You because of what Jesus did on the cross. Help us to remember when we are feeling weak and tired that you give us sudden strength by the might of your power. Help us to put the work in this week in order to become the men and women of God that you are calling us to be. With each choice we make, help us to breathe in your strength and allow your peace to reign in us so that you can get the glory in our lives and our situations. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Additional Resources

Want to help your group go deeper after you meet? Send them one of these resources that relates to the sermon topic.
  • If you haven’t already, check out “Immeasurably More”, a study through Ephesians that will bring you through the abundance of what God wants to do in your life.
  • If you’re fighting exhaustion, check out the sermon, “Tired On The Inside,” from Pastor Steven.
  • To remind yourself of the victory you have in God, listen to the song “See A Victory” by Elevation Worship.