The Sticking Point

Discussion Guide

Conversation Starters

  • You’re stuck waiting in a doctor’s office for two hours. Do you read magazines, watch TV, play a game, listen to a podcast, surf social media, or nap in the chair?
  • Which is the best sticky snack for fall: s’mores, caramel-covered apples, or Rice Krispy treats?
  • If you had to dress up as a celebrity for Halloween, who would you be?


Ask eGroup members to share their favorite points from the sermon, what spoke to them, a phrase or moment from the sermon they related to the most, or questions they have. If members have a hard time recalling the sermon, talk through your notes and share your favorite points.

Make It Personal

  • Did you ever feel “stuck” when you were taking a test in school? What subject were you most likely to feel stuck in?
  • What are some times in life when people might feel stuck? (Think about different areas like career, family, marriage, faith, relationships, personal growth, leadership, etc. What emotions or thoughts do people get stuck in?)
  • Read Judges 6:11-17. Gideon was stuck in how he saw himself and in his trust in God. Is it easier for you to see where you’re stuck or where others are stuck? Why? What are some ways you can tell when you’re stuck?
  • How would you define a “sticking point”? (Some definitions could be “a place where you get tired or want to stop,” “something you can’t get over or somewhere you didn’t plan to be,” or “thoughts or feelings you can’t get out of.”) Tell the group about a time in your life when you were in a sticking point.
  • What’s a sticking point in your life right now? (e.g., something you can’t get over, somewhere you didn’t plan to be, you’re doing something you’ve never done before and it scares you, trust issues with people or God, etc.) Why do you see it as a sticking point? 
    • Sometimes we feel stuck because we were expecting things to be different. Finish this sentence: “I (or it) wasn’t supposed to be … ” What were you (or it) “supposed to be”? Describe how those unmet expectations are affecting your sticking point.
    • Read Exodus 14:1-4. Pastor Steven said, “Where God guides, Pharaoh follows.” How have you seen this statement come true in your life? Does this statement challenge the way you see your sticking point?
    • Do something small. (This could be something like admitting you were wrong or telling someone you’re stuck.)
    • Trust that God has equipped you.
    • Imagine yourself on the other side.
    • Commit to moving forward in faith.
    • Go by what you know, not by what you feel.
  • Which one of those are you doing the best? Which one(s) do you need to work on? 
    • What are some ways working on that can help you get past your sticking point?

Act On It

What’s one step you can take this week to get unstuck? (Challenge your group to get specific. Go through the steps in STICK again to help your group members think about what they specifically need to do this week.)


Ask eGroup members to share any prayer requests they have. Record any notes or prayer requests to pray for members during the week.
Father, thank You for using the sticking points in our lives to teach us more about who You are and who You’ve called us to be. This week, give us a greater awareness of how You’ve equipped us and what we can do to become unstuck in our minds and in our situations. Help us grow to a new level of faith and trust in You and Your plan. In Jesus’ name, amen.