Your Fearless Leaders

These staff members are committed to your growth and development in the Elevation Internship Program. They will connect you with a mentor who will help stretch you in your leadership.

Benjamin Landheer

Internship Coordinator

Benjamin is the Internship Program Coordinator and University Extension Director. As an alumnus of the Internship Program himself, Ben is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders.

John Bishop

2K2 Pastor

John is the 2K2 Program Pastor. He and his wife are one of the core families that launched Elevation Church with Pastor Steven. He is most passionate about developing people in their calling.

Julie Zollo

Staffing Manager

Julie oversees all recruitment at Elevation Church, and is passionate about connecting people to their calling.  Having gone through the 2K2 Program in 2015 , she knows what it’s like to take a leap of faith.

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