Filmmaker (Worship Experience)

Filmmaker (Worship Experience)

As a Filmmaker at Elevation Church, you will create works that inspire and inform audiences to grow in their personal faith.  

General Responsibilities

  • You’ll concept, write, edit, and produce scripts as needed.
  • You’ll develop and communicate vision for all work to solve problems concisely and creatively.
  • You’ll collaborate with a team to budget, cast, scout, and produce work.
  • You’ll manage the technical aspects of the film, including cameras, sound, lighting, design, etc.
  • You’ll handle the post-production process to ensure all work solves problems appropriately.
  • You’ll understand the context finished work will be used to create more effective final products.


  • 2+ years experience in film/video making
  • Film portfolio available online
  • Extensive understanding of film-making process
  • Video editing proficiency (Adobe Premiere)
  • Inspired by telling stories in a unique and creative way


  • Film degree or equivalent experience