Volunteer at YTHX



1. eGroup Leader


eGroup leaders help make the youth experience during YTHX meaningful and personal. eGroup leaders are responsible for leading and transporting a group of either high school or middle school youth. We ask that all leaders provide their own vehicles during this time and commit to the full length of the middle school or high school YTHX dates. eGroup leaders are welcome to lead both a middle and high school group if they choose to do so!

A.K.A. the superheroes of YTHX. eGroup Leaders make the whole experience more meaningful and personal, and are responsible for leading and transporting a group of either high school or middle school youth.



We’re looking for leaders who:

  • know how to bring the fun and the energy.
  • have a passion to help youth learn about Jesus.
  • are responsible and committed.

In this role, you’ll:

  • provide your own vehicle (and recruit a transportation volunteer to register as a driver for your group, if needed).
  • commit to at least one full session of YTHX. This will be July 14-16 for middle school, July 16-19 for high school, or July 14-19 if you want to lead a middle school AND high school group (go you!).
  • have a background check and interview before approval. You’ll also have your driving record checked before being approved as a driver.
  • manage the schedule for your group and make sure they get to events on time.
  • hold meaningful discussions with your group and provide direction for them.


2. Resident Assistant


Maybe you’re a security guard at heart, or maybe you just love the idea of some downtime to yourself. Either way, this is the role for you. Our Resident Assistants will help us make sure everyone is safe and where they should be while youth are at their dorms for the night. Stock up on your favorite coffee!



We’re looking for people who:

  • can stay alert through the night.
  • want to help our youth stay safe and accountable.
  • would love some time to catch up on their favorite book or podcast.

In this role, you’ll:

  • monitor a dorm building throughout the night.
  • make sure youth stay in their rooms.
  • ensure that no one unregistered for YTHX19 accesses the building.
This role has only night shifts available.


3. Transportation Volunteer


If you love being on the road and rocking out to the radio, we’ve got the perfect role for you. Approved playlists will be provided for some good clean sing-alongs so you can hold your own singing competition while you’re on your way!


We’re looking for people who:

  • enjoy driving and seeing the same sights over and over (and over).
  • will keep our youth safe while they travel.
  • have their own vehicle with air conditioning and seatbelts.

In this role, you’ll:

  • help a group get to and from YTHX activities.
  • be able to run your own errands in between driving youth.
  • have your driving record checked before being approved.
This role has shifts available for morning, evening, or all day.
*There will not be designated locations for you to stay in between trips, so please plan to bring something to do or feel free to take care of some personal errands while your youth are at an event.



4. Medical Team


You’ve got a medical license, and we’ve got rowdy teenagers — can we be friends? Seriously, we hope we don’t need you to use your skills, but we want to be prepared for anything!


We’re looking for people who:

  • have a medical license or registration that permits them to provide healthcare.
  • want to ensure our youth have medical help available if necessary.
  • can enjoy just hanging out and observing unless needed.

In this role, you’ll:

  • be an onsite medical expert, providing care and treatment whenever necessary.
  • attend YTHX events and be on-call to assist in any treatments or emergencies
This role has shifts available for morning, evening, or all day.


5. Special Event Volunteers


Maybe you love creating an experience for others, or maybe you’re just a world-class setter-upper (we’re pretty sure that’s a word). Either way, this is your chance to make a big impact by bringing your skills to all the cool YTHX events and locations we’ve got planned.


We’re looking for people who:

  • love creating experiences for others.
  • can help create and enjoy a positive atmosphere while we set up for our youth.
  • like working with their hands and don’t mind getting sweaty if need be.

In this role, you’ll:

  • do anything needed from A to Z to set events up. (Seriously. There will be all kinds of opportunities! This could include serving up some tasty treats, setting up a party for youth to have a blast, or putting together special props/stations.)
This role has shifts available for morning, evening, or all day.


Special Events Dates and Call Times:


Sunday, July 15 – Middle School // 2:00PM – Evening Party

Tuesday, July 16 – Middle School // 9:00AM – Afternoon Party

Tuesday, July 16 – High School // 7:00PM – Late Night Party

Friday, July 19 – High School // 10:00AM – Afternoon Party

Friday, July 19 – High School // Noon –  Evening Party


*call times subject to change


All volunteers are required to attend one of two training events in June in order to participate in YTHX.  Training dates and locations will be emailed to you after registration.