Guest Speakers/Artists
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Guest Speakers/Artists

Guest Speakers/Artists


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Aaron Cole

/******** EOL ********/

Pastor Nathan Finochio

/******** EOL ********/

Pastor Micah Berteau

/******** EOL ********/

Pastor Chris Durso

/******** EOL ********/

Pastor Tim Timberlake

/******** EOL ********/

Pastor Chad Veach

/******** EOL ********/

Pastor Steven Furtick

/******** EOL ********/

Gina McCauley

/******** EOL ********/

Jayson Price

/******** EOL ********/

Tim Somers

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Our 72-hour Livestream Experience will begin on Tuesday, July 14 at 6:30PM EDT and will finish on Friday, July 17 at 6:30PM EDT.

The entire event will take place online and youth will access YTHX2020 via Elevation YTH’s YouTube channel.

No registration required - you simply need a computer or phone, the internet, and YouTube!

If you have any questions, please email, and someone from our YTH Staff will get back to you.

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windows-notepad Sponsorships


We were able to eliminate the financial barrier for many of our youth because of our Church’s generosity. If you would like to sponsor a youth to attend YTHX, click the button below. When you choose to sponsor a youth, you’re not only seeing what God can do through you, but you’re seeing what He can do through the next generation too! How cool is that? You can sponsor any amount - no gift is too small. We’re so grateful for your willingness to invest in Elevation YTH!

windows-notepad Scholarships


We don’t want our youth to miss out on what God will do at YTHX because of their inability to pay. If you’re in need of financial assistance, please fill out the scholarship form by clicking below. Scholarships are given on a case-by-case basis and amounts awarded vary from half to full coverage. Your campus Youth Director will reach out after the application is complete with an update on your status.



Day 1 - Tuesday, July 14, 2020

6:30 PM: The Opener
7:00 PM: Worship Experience #1
8:30 PM: eGroup Discussion
10:00 PM: After Party
11:00 PM: Late Late Night Event
1:00 AM: Twilight Hour
1:13 AM: Sleep Time

Day 2 - Wednesday, July 15, 2020

8:00 AM: Magical Mornings
8:30 AM: The Opener #2
9:00 AM: Worship Experience #2
10:30 AM Breakout 1 – Bible Relevance
11:00 AM: Breakout 2: Identity in Social Media World
11:30 AM: Lunch and Learn
12:00 PM: BattleHome
1:00 PM: The Opener #3
1:30 PM: Worship Experience #3
3:00 PM: Breakout 3 – Fruits of the Spirit
3:30 PM: Breakout 4 – Stride vs. Strive
4:00 PM: Minecraft (Fortnite) Tourney
5:00 PM: Outreach
5:30 PM: Dinner Videos
6:30 PM: The Opener #4
7:00 PM: Worship Experience # 4
8:30 PM: eGroup Time
10:00 PM: Worship Night
11:00 PM: Twilight Hour

Day 3 - Thursday, July 16, 2020

8:00 AM: Magical Mornings
8:30 AM: The Opener #5
9:00 AM: Worship Experience #5
10:30 AM: eGroup Discussion
12:30PM: Lunch and Learn
1:00 PM: BattleHome
2:00 PM: The Opener #6
2:30 PM: Worship Experience #6
4:00 PM: Breakout  – Fasting and Prayer
4:30 PM: Breakout  – Creativity
5:00 PM: Battle Home
6:00 PM: Dinner D8
6:30 PM: The Opener #7
7:00 PM: Worship Experience #7
8:30 PM: eGroup Discussion
10:00 PM: BattleHome
11:30 PM: Twilight Hours
11:47 PM: Sleep Time

Day 4 - Friday, July 17, 2020

8:00 AM: Magical Mornings
8:30 AM: The Opener #8
9:00 AM: Worship Experience #8
10:30 AM: Breakout – Decision Making
11:00 AM: Breakout – How to Hear God’s Will
11:30 AM: Lunch and Learn
12:00 PM: Breakout – Freedom of Boundaries Panel
12:30 PM: How to deal with Anxiety
1:00 PM: Gaming Tournament
3:00 PM: Final Preshow #9
3:30 PM: Closing Experience
5:00 PM: eGroup Discussion
6:24 PM: FInal 72 Hour Celebration

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Registration opens January 18.

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