Parent Resources

Quick access to prompt meaningful discussions with your child.

Parent Cue Cards

Prompt meaningful discussions about faith with your child by reviewing what we’re teaching in eKidz and continuing the conversation at home. Leverage what we’re teaching and access activities on the weekly eKidz Parent Cue Card.

Parent Cue App

Want quick access to great Bible story videos, activties to do with your children, and parenting articles about the phase your child is in? Download the Parent Cue App and take advatange of the time you have with your kids.

The best Bible for your child

In eKidz, we want kids to love reading their Bible.

The Bible is living and active, full of promises to encourage and give us hope, and holds stories of God’s provision and faithfulness. But discovering which Bible is the best for your child can be hard. If you need a place to start, these are a few Bibles we like.

God’s Story For Me

Ages 2 – 5

The Beginner’s Bible

Ages 4 – 8

The Adventure Bible

Ages 6 – 10

The Action Bible

Ages 9- 12

The best music for your family

Check out these albums from Elevation Kids Worship that the entire family will love.

Worship Jesus with these seven songs of hope. To God, each person is one in a million. And there’s no better expression of love and gratitude than worshipping His name.


Stay Connected

Visit for weekend recaps, videos, activities, and other resources to lead your family.

eKidz Baptisms

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision for Christ.

eKidz Salvations

Walk with your child in their decision to follow Christ.

Child Dedications

Build a spiritual foundation that lasts.

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