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A Growing eGroup Leaders Leads to a Growing eGroup

A Growing eGroup Leader Leads to a Growing eGroup

Have you ever noticed that what God is teaching you is often what God uses for you to bless and encourage others? That’s not a coincidence. Our own spiritual growth is a key component to what God can do through your eGroup. Leaders go first, and as you live in that reality as you grow in your with God, here are a few tips to encourage you as you lead.

  • You have some great resources around you. Not only do you have access to weekly teachings from Pastor Steven, you also have other resources that can keep you actively engaged in what God is doing in our church. The Elevation Church app gives you access to previous sermons, Bible reading plans, and activities at your campus and around our church. Another resource our eGroups Team wants you to take advantage of is your Care Team Leaders. Each of you is assigned a Care Team Leader who can come alongside you for prayer, encouragement, and answer any of your questions.
  • Learn how you best learn.
  • It’s not a project, it’s a process. Development is about embracing the process and learning from what God is teaching you in that process. Your commitment to the process of growing in your relationship with Christ will not only lead you to become a better eGroup leader, but will open up new ways to see what God can do through you.

Above are some practical tips and thoughts, but don’t forget about your Campus Staff. They are there to support you and connect with you. Take advantage of these relationships and make meetings and campus events a priority in your schedule. Your connection to your campus will only help you grow in your leadership and in your walk with Christ.