Partnering with parents to develop kids’ faith.

eKidz Online is a fully programmed worship experience for your kids that includes games, Bible stories, activities, and lots of fun! Kids won’t spend the full time stuck to a screen, but instead will be encouraged to be active during worship and games.

6 Weeks Through 2 Years

Safari is a place for babies to DISCOVER who God is through the love, care, and prayer they receive from our volunteers, and for toddlers to DISCOVER who God is through age-appropriate Bible stories, activities, worship, and prayer.

3 Years to Kindergarten

Quest is a place where children can have fun, play games, and build relationships with each other. Small group leaders help children EXPLORE who God is and learn about His great love for us.

1st Through 5th Grade

Motion is where kids can have fun, make friends, and find a place to belong. Small group leaders aim to help kids BELIEVE in God and understand what it means to live like a Christian.

A Family-Focused Podcast

Enjoy exciting tales that help kids learn about the biblical topics taught each weekend in church.

Child Dedications

Build a spiritual foundation that lasts.

eKidz Salvations

Walk with your child in their decision to follow Christ.

eKidz Baptisms

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision for Christ.

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