Internship Overview

Create your solid foundation at Elevation.


Build community within the church, beyond the internship program, with the opportunity to participate in a small group.


Be a part of changing the lives of others in our community by serving with the many outreach organizations that partner with Elevation Church.


Sharpen your gifts and talents and push past your comfort zone through one-on-one development with your assigned mentor.

Campus Operations

Take ownership of tasks within your department and gain confidence in your leadership.

Spiritual Fasting

Pause, remove distractions, and grow closer to God as you engage in a time of fasting with other interns.

Physical Fitness

Have the energy and health to carry out your calling through weekly intern bootcamp classes.

Teachings With Staff

Learn directly from the leaders and staff members at Elevation Church on a variety of topics that will stretch, grow, and equip you to succeed.

Bible Study

Create intentional time with God in the midst of a busy schedule by participating in a weekly, intern-led Bible study.

Culture Teachings

Engage in special Elevation Church culture teachings, sermons, and internal staff teachings from Pastor Steven.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from past interns and what they learned during their time as an Elevation Intern.





The internship was such a formational experience for me, I was able to challenge my self imposed limitations with the reality of who God is in my life and what He wanted to do in and through me. This exponential period of growth was difficult at times but so rewarding, my internship is something I will always look back on as a pivotal moment in my faith journey.

Colten Marsh
Fall 2018

My biggest struggle has always been finding the balance between being content with where I am and looking forward to where I will be. As an Elevation Intern, I felt that I came a little closer to finding that balance. I learned to serve the purpose of my current season. I learned what it means to sacrifice my sleep, preferences, and comfort in pursuit of God’s will. I’m grateful for the opportunity I was given to serve and grow, all while honoring my church and team to build His kingdom.

Kiara Boettger
Fall 2018

On day one of my internship, my team leader told me that I was not just permitted to contribute toward discussion and major projects, but expected to. This was both freeing and challenging. What an incredible opportunity! …but only if I was bold enough to act on it. This framework was incredibly helpful as I pushed myself to have a voice throughout the semester when I may have been inclined to remain silent.

Blake Taylor
Spring 2017

Being an Elevation Intern has taught me a lot about embracing the season I am in. We do so much living in the past and planning for the future that we miss the big moments when they're actually happening. The internship has taught me how to not only run hard but also enjoy the process because I myself am a full-time job, and working to better myself and handle the tasks that God has given me THAT day is all I need to focus on.

Bryant Gilchrist
Summer 2019

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