October 8 - 9, 2019

Charlotte, NC

October 8 - 9, 2019

Charlotte, NC

Determine Your Values. Discover Your Voice. Build the Church.

Inside Elevation has never been about us. Our heart is to serve others in ministry to better equip them to live out their calling. In 2019, we’re using a fresh approach to focus even more on helping you build your team.

Our vision statement at Elevation is simple – “See What God Can Do Through You” – and that’s our same goal with this event. Whether you’re a new church developing your foundation or you’re an experienced church, wanting to evaluate your values and looking for the next step — we want to partner with you and your team to work together and focus on what God wants to do through you, now and into the future. God’s already given you the dream. Now is the time to do it.



This track is for those who are meant to carry the culture and care for the people of your church: pastors, campus staff, human resources, small groups, family ministries, etc.

Culture is built by a group of individuals working in unity towards a common goal. It takes passion, it takes selling out to the vision of your church, but it also takes great systems. We’ll work together to determine the purpose of your church and how you can best support it.


This track is for the creatives: designers, filmmakers, production directors, social media teams, worship leaders, etc.

We believe that creativity should serve the mission of the church. Creatives need to dream, but they also need to be able to execute in order to push the church forward. In this track, we will focus on the tension of dreaming and doing. We will dig deep into what you’re called to as a creative, the values and principles that are specific to your role, and how you can move forward into the future well-equipped.


This event is created to help teams – whether it’s two of you or 100, we encourage you to attend together.


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