A Five-Week Study about Philippians and Finding Contentment

Read through the book of Philippians, watch weekly video teachings, and engage in discussion on finding contentment in Christ.

Master The Art of Contentment

Through studying the book of Philippians, we’ll discover the Apostle Paul’s secret to finding contentment in any and every situation.

The Apostle Paul wrote Philippians — one of the most joyful books in the Bible — while he was in prison.

No matter what season you’re in, there’s no better time to learn how to lean on others, grow together, and discover the secret to finding true contentment in any and every situation.

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How long is this study?
Philippians: The Art of Contentment is a five-week study. The first week is an introduction week and the remaining four weeks are spent reading one chapter from Philippians each week over the course of four days.

Is this study for both men and women?
Yes! The study is for men, women, young, old, married, or single — everyone can participate.

Do I need to be in an eGroup or can I do the study individually?
Currently, the curriculum is not available for individual study, and is only available to those who are part of an Elevation eGroup. eGroups are an amazing way to build community and grow in our faith. If you’d like to join an eGroup, visit ElevationChurch.cc to find a group that’s right for you.

Do I have to be part of Elevation Church to do the study?
Anyone can participate in the study by purchasing a study book. When you purchase the book, you’ll also receive digital access to the weekly videos, the leader guide, and other downloadable resources.

Do I need a book?
Books can be purchased from the Elevation Store and are free to those in an eGroup.

Do I need to watch the videos to participate?
The weekly video teachings will be watched together during your eGroup. Each video is between 10-15 minutes and supports what groups spent the previous week reading and helps generate discussion.

I’m already in an eGroup, but how do I know if my group is doing this study?
All eGroups are encouraged to participate in the study this fall. Connect with your eGroup leader to confirm that your group is participating and to get more details.

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