Internship Program

Interns at Elevation Church gain valuable ministry experience while serving to see people raised to life in Christ. An internship at Elevation Church is an opportunity to witness lives being changed through the power of faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Internship positions are available during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, but we accept applications year-round.

Our Intern Development Plan includes:

– Personal teaching from Pastor Steven

– Six work objectives

– Two personal development assignments

– Weekly Bible teaching

– Spiritual fasting & physical fitness

– Community Outreach

– Participation in an eGroup

– Immersion into Elevation Church culture


- Administrative/HR

– Assistant for Elevation Extension

– Assistant for Creative Design Team

– Assistant to Production Team

– Assistant to Video Team

– Assistant to Worship Department

– Audio Engineer

– Campus Ministry

- Community Outreach

– eGroups (community/small groups)

– eKidz (children up to 5th grade)

– eStudents (middle & high school)

– Graphic Design (include portfolio with application)

– Guest Services

– Information Technology

- Motion Graphics (include reel with application)

– Photography (include portfolio with application)

– Production/Technical Support

– Security/Armor Bearer/Facilities Management

– Video Production (include reel with application)

– Web Design/Developer

– Worship (include at least 3 videos/links of yourself leading worship)

Program Overview