God has given you gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Find the place where your gifts and talents can be refined and strengthened as an intern at Elevation Church.


As a Creative intern, you’ll work alongside one of our creative team assisting graphic designers, videographers, and writers with everyday tasks. If you’re interested in editing graphics or videos, writing devotions to further all God is doing through our church,this may be the internship for you.


As an Administration intern, you’ll help organize and administer projects across our church. This could look like prepping for creative shoots, assisting with events, or supporting departmental teams with everyday tasks. If you like spreadsheets and organization, this may be the right fit for you!


As a Technology intern, you’ll work with campuses to assist with any technical needs. This could look like problem solving, managing databases, and assisting tech teams as they support ministry needs across our church.

Campus Leadership

As a Campus Leadership intern, you’ll work alongside our campus staff to help lead volunteer teams, set up for campus events, connecting with kids and youth, and more.


God has given you gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Find the place where your gifts and talents can be refined and strengthened as an intern at Elevation Church.

Administrative & Events

  • Planning and executing events
  • Managing benefits data
  • Administrative work with systems and HR management
  • Provide support to office systems including front desk, staff facilities

Campus Support

  • Assist campus staff each weekend
  • Work alongside Guest Services volunteers each weekend
  • Assess and improve current processes

Community Outreach

  • Plan and coordinate local community outreach events
  • Work alongside Outreach Partners & volunteers
  • Assist with identifying opportunities to serve
  • Logistical planning

eKidz (children up to 5th grade)

  • Serve in eKidz each weekend
  • Research learning activities for kids ministry
  • Coordinate purchasing of supplies
  • Assist with volunteer communication

eGroups (community/small groups)

  • Maintain database of eGroup Leaders
  • Coordinate eGroup events
  • Planning and scheduling eGroup communication
  • On campus recruiting for eGroups each weekend

Youth (middle & high school)

  • Plan & coordinate student events for each campus
  • Identify & recruit students to participate in eGroups
  • Assist in planning the Student Summer event
  • Maintain database of leaders & students

Guest Experience

  • Assist with all Guest Experience responsibilities on campus
  • Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders & teams
  • Coordinate logistics for campus supplies & resources
  • Assist with implementing & improving processes

Production Team

  • Work with production volunteers and contract employees
  • Assist with back-stage production
  • Research materials for creative elements
  • Assist the on campus producer for each Worship Experience

Creative Team Assistant

  • Research creative elements used for the Worship Experience
  • Logistical planning for creative elements
  • Order series collateral, t-shirts, resource materials
  • Manage deadlines for projects requested in Flow

Video/Film Team

  • Assist with managing/prioritizing video requests
  • Coordinate props & costumes for video shoots
  • Present ideas, participate in brain storming sessions
  • Help identify talent & locations for video shoots & edit footage

Audio Engineer

  • Record audio for special engagements & meetings
  • Record audio for video shoots
  • Mixing & recording voice-overs
  • Assist Sr. Engineer with special projects

AVL Tech

  • Assist with technical AV aspects on campus each weekend
  • Provide break & fix for Production Team
  • Assist with upgrades & installs
  • Assist Technical Director with special projects

Graphic Design

  • Design graphic materials for Worship Experience
  • Create engaging visuals for eKidz, Outreach, eGroups, and Volunteer ministries
  • Prioritize & manage project deadlines
  • Design for other various mediums

Digital Design Team

  • Design marketing campaigns and emails
  • Enhance and contribute to building the Elevation Church app
  • Create content for
  • Assist in web design for Elevation Church websites

IT Support

  • Network and server assistance
  • Create emails, and user accounts
  • Problem solve IT issues
  • Database management

Motion Graphics

  • Design motion graphics for Worship Experience series
  • Design motion graphics based on project requests
  • Prioritize & manage project deadlines
  • Prioritize & manage project deadlines


  • On campus each weekend capturing the experience on camera
  • Photograph special events & community outreach events
  • Editing
  • Maintain & organize photo library and archive

Facilities Management

  • Manage facilities projects
  • Work order management and logistics
  • Perform maintenance
  • Assist with central needs

Health and Wellness

  • Coordination of staff wellness initiatives including fitness challenges
  • Help coordinate staff competitions and maintain leaderboards
  • Create staff wellness resources
  • Assist with needs and supplies of Campus Safety Teams

Elevation Online Support

  • Assist online staff each weekend during live broadcast
  • Plan and coordinate online & volunteer events
  • Work alongside online volunteers and hosts each weekend
  • Assess and improve current processes

Elevation Worship Team

  • Opportunity to lead worship alongside worship leader at campus worship experiences
  • Receive leadership and talent development from some of our worship team
  • Help campus worship leader with daily responsibilities
  • Involvement with worship experience weekly run-through

Ready to become an intern?

Ready to become an intern?